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What is web hosting service? It is a type of hosting service in the internet allowing an individual person or an organization or a company to make their website accessible to the World Wide Web. When we think about our files and folders in the computer that is always ready to be accessed anytime you need to, web hosting is basically the same thing. A web page is a file that needs computers to be able to store them and access them as well; the only difference is that, in web hosting, the files can be accessed by anyone and everyone with the use of internet connections.
Technically, it is possible for any Personal Computer to gain access through the Internet, but, it may not be possible for home based internet connection to access or serve may users at the same time, this is basically the reason why web hosting companies exist. And unless your funds are limitless, you will not be able to afford all the web servers and connection necessary to run your own web site.
Web hosting can be of great help to people who are involved in business in a lot of ways such as:
 Other than providing web space, these web hosting companies provide other vital services too like registration of domain names and they also provide the emails.
 These web hosting companies can also provide technical services through email, web sites or by telephone.
 The web hosting services can be of great help in managing a very good operating server which is the key to a very successful web site.
 Web hosts offers features such as e-carts or shopping carts, communities, social sites and chat panels.
 They provide customers with disk spaces or server spaces where you can also save or upload codes and files all at the same time to make and maintain the website.
 Web hosting lets you run your web site with ease by being able to visually describe the point and purpose of the site through video files, images, audio files and a lot more. It is one of the best ways for the world to know about the product or line of products you would like to market via the internet.
 It can also enable you to create as much emails on your site which assures customer dependability.
 For online business owners, web hosting makes it possible to create databases. http://www.webnicc.com/

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